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Tips before your wedding day. Repost from

Makeup & Hairstyling Tips for your Wedding day

What you should know before your special day...

Here is a check list of TO-DO's before you say I DO: From getting your hair cut & colored, doing your nails, getting a tan, waxing, facials, and to doing tattoos. You will get the up to minute news on when to do those things in an appropriate time manner. This will relieve any stress that you may have before the "big" review day.

HAIR: If you are getting your hair trim/colored/cut/perm, do it at least 10 days prior to your wedding day. If you don't like the color/perm you have at least a weeks leeway to change it or fix it.

NAILS: Do your manicure and pedicure at least 2 days before, if you do it before the 2 day period, you might end up having a chip in your nails, or accidently scuff it due to daily activities.

WAXING: We recommend any waxing (eyebrow, upper lips, underarms, Brazilian) that is done, be done no later than 72 hour prior to the event. Normally when waxing is done, you have visible signs of inflammation (redness), and sometimes have sensitivity to wax products. If you have never tried waxing before, go ahead and do it 3 months before your event just to try it out. If waxing is not your thing, there are other alternatives to hair removal.....threading, laser, and good old fashion plucking.

FACIALS: If you are going to get a facial before the big day, we recommend you doing it 10 days before the event. Normally when doing a facial, the face is being deep cleaned. Most times when you deep cleanse the face, it draws up deep hidden dirt and bacteria, which could lead to break outs. There are a lot of different facials, some offer you to do a facial that would make your skin glow, and they may recommend you do it a day before. Please consult a license esthetician before doing a facial.

TATTOOS: From facial tattoos (eyebrows/eyeliner/lipliner) to body tattoos... you want to make sure that they are fully it at least one month before the wedding. When you do facial tattoos, it usually looks darker in the beginning, and then fades a few weeks after. 

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